High School Science Electives

Introduction to Agriscience

Introduction to Agriscience


How can we make our food more nutritious? Can plants really communicate with each other? These are just two of the questions tackled in Introduction to Agriscience. From studying the secrets in corn roots to examining how to increase our food supply, this course examines how agriscientists are at the forefront of improving agriculture, food production, and the conservation of natural resources. In Introduction to Agriscience, you’ll learn about the innovative ways that science and technology are put to beneficial use in the field of agriculture. You’ll also learn more about some of the controversies that surround agricultural practices as nations strive to provide their people with a more abundant and healthy food supply.

Credits: 0.5
Estimated Completion Time:

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Unit 1: The Importance of Agriscience
  • Unit 2: Agriscience and the Environment
  • Unit 3: Plant Science
  • Unit 4: The Animal Element
  • Unit 5: Animal Anatomy
  • Unit 6: Technology and Agriscience
  • Unit 7: Careers in Agriscience
  • Unit 8: Agribusiness Management
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