High School Art Electives

High School Electives: Art

3D Modeling

3D Modeling


Are you interested in a career in technology? Are you curious about working in fields like virtual reality, video game design, marketing, television and motion pictures, or digital imaging? If so, this course in 3D Modeling is a great place to start as it is the foundation for all these career paths. Gain a deeper understanding of graphic design and illustration as you use 3D animation software to create virtual three-dimensional design projects. Hone in on your drawing, photography, and 3D construction techniques and develop the skills needed to navigate within a 3D digital modeling workspace. This course is an excellent introduction to careers in the fast-growing field of technology and design.

Credits: 1.0
Estimated Completion Time: 2 Segments/32-36 Weeks

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Unit 1: What is 3D Modeling?
  • Unit 2: The History of 3D Modeling
  • Unit 3: Tools of the Trade
  • Unit 4: Digital Citizenship and Ethics
  • Unit 5: Creating 3D Environments in Blender
  • Unit 6: Visual Elements
  • Unit 7: The Power of Light and Shade
  • Unit 8: 3D Geometrics 11 Unit 9: Texturing
  • Unit 10: Rendering
  • Unit 11: Environmental Models
  • Unit 12: Molding Your Future
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